The youngest of four children born to Daniel Pruitt and Geraldine Yahnozha, Chris was raised in Laguna Pueblo and continues to live in his boyhood village of Paguate.

He began his work as a silversmith in 2006 when his “love for rocks, gems, and working with metal was transformed into beautiful pieces of jewelry.” He was mentored by his older brother and jeweler Pat Pruitt and by family friend Charlie Bird. Chris’s jewelry represents a contemporary style of silversmithing with a traditional touch. His techniques include brazing, casting, texturing, and cutting and inlay of stones and wood.

Along with his silversmith title, Chris holds the title of personal chef backed by his Cordon Bleu training. He says, “I would like to create new and exciting jewelry like I would create new and exciting dishes. I want people to feel wonderful wearing my creations. My goal is to one day become as refined in my jewelry as I am with my food.”

Tribal Affiliation

Laguna/Chiricahua Apache