Dylan Poblano learned traditional Zuni inlay from his mother, Veronica Poblano, but he now draws on techno-culture to produce chic and very contemporary jewelry. “I don’t consider myself to be a traditionalist,” he says. I’m more a modernist.”

Among Dylan’s inspirations are fashion designers. “Versace, above all,” he says, “and Gautier. I like his wit and the unusual combinations he does.” Dylan’s work is sculptural, with geometric motifs worked from unusual stones, including the vivid blues and greens of gem silica and Orville Jack, ghostly glowing labradorite, and rainbow moonstone. “These are really vibrant colors that you wouldn’t think were natural.” Dylan has been inlaying into crystal. “It’s hard to work with,” he says, “but it’s really cool.”

While he draws from Zuni tradition, Dylan also is pushing beyond. “All artists should challenge their creative side.”

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