Fabian learned to carve fetishes from his cousins Ronnie and Vernon Lunasee. He works in a wide range of materials, including, angelite, ricolite, azurite, Picasso marble, onyx, vermillion, lepidolite, and chocolate serpentine, as well as traditional turquoise, jet, and mother of pearl. His vast repertoire of animals encompasses familiar southwestern figures such as the bear, beaver, badger, fox, eagle, and mountain lion, but also extends into the nontraditional and even into foreign lands. He has created lizards, roadrunners, kangaroos, sea horses, dolphins, otters, whales, dinosaurs, dogs, and house cats. Any imaginable figure is probably included in Fabian’s creative output. One of his more whimsical ventures has been a series of playful bears: frolicking on playground equipment or pumping iron on a weight-lifting bench. He also carves small animal scenes and directional sets.

Fabian lives at Zuni Pueblo with his wife Lisa Bobelu.

Tribal Affiliation

Zuni Pueblo