Jennifer Moquino was born in 1977 and has been making pottery since she was 6 years old. She is the daughter of Ray and Emily Suazo Tafoya and is from Santa Clara. Michael Moquino is one of Corn Moquino’s sons, and is from Santa Clara and Zia Pueblo. The husband-and-wife team started working together in 1998, making miniature vases and seed pots with etching of realistic animals, insects, birds, and flowers.  Mike primarily builds the pots while Jennifer etches in the designs. Jennifer’s love of nature and realism is reflected in the time consuming process of etching the designs on each piece she creates. The natural slips that are used on their pottery are made from minerals found in local rocks.

Books & Publications

Talking with the Clay

Santa Clara Portraits

Native Peoples Magazine

Changing Hands

Crafted to Perfection

Southwest Art Magazine

Santa Fean Magazine

Tribal Affiliation

Santa Clara (Jennifer); Santa Clara & Zia Pueblo (Mike)