John Paul Rangel, silversmith and graphic designer, is of mixed race/ethnicity with Spanish, Mestizo and Native American heritage. John Paul hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from University of Texas, Austin, Texas. It was here that he learned jewelry techniques, drawing/painting and metalwork. His first piece of jewelry was made around 1994. His jewelry is a blend of contemporary aesthetics, modernism and influences from his Native heritage.

As an undergraduate student, John Paul became familiar with the work of Jesse Monongye and was impressed by the high quality and fine detail shown in his designs. He was and is still influenced by his peers, Cody Sanderson, Pat Pruitt, and Kenneth Johnson.

John Paul earned a MA in American Studies from the University of New Mexico, and a PhD in Education at the University of New Mexico, focusing on Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies, where he explored contemporary Native art and cultural representation, Native art theory, Indigenous aesthetics, and Indigenous research methodologies.

Professionally, Rangel has worked in several spheres of art creation and dissemination, from design and production to creative direction, marketing, public relations and education.