Since time immemorial, the Santo Domingo Pueblo has traded seashells from the Gulf of California and the Pacific over regular trade routes. Pendants cut from these glossy shells in various forms were overlaid with designs in abalone, jet, and turquoise.

Since the 1860s, craftsmen have created “traditional” silver jewelry. In the 1960s, a “new look” in Indian jewelry emerged. And the new work being done today has a quality all its own. It’s not like the old stuff… it’s better!

Mary Lovato is a third generation jeweler from the Pueblo of Santo Domingo. Besides raising five sons to become accomplished silversmiths, she find time to turn out some of the finest Indian jewelry found today. Mary’s forte is inlaid shell earrings and pendants, a blend of the contemporary and the traditional.

Her work has become the standard by which we measure shell inlaid jewelry. Slivers of turquoise, pipestone, serpentine, coral, jet, and mother-of-pearl reflect the colors of the Sun’s glow.

Tribal Affiliation

Santo Domingo Pueblo