As a child, Orlando remembers his grandmother and father doing beadwork and soon began to emulate them. He began making pieces for his family and himself and exhibiting at art shows soon after. Originally from Grey Mountain, Arizona, he often dreamt of being in elegant places such as New York, Paris and Rome and going to operas, balls and galas. The men and women who attended these events, dressed in elegant clothing and jewelry, reminded him of the men and women of his own people that dressed in their finest to go to town or to a ceremonial event.

Most of his work is a single bead stitch technique utilizing the smallest beads, drawing attention to detail and precision. From floral motifs to birds and animals, the human physique, and abstract designs, Orlando’s images are life like and cutting edge. His work embodies a fresh statement through beads and fine materials such as silks, crocodile leather, crystals, feathers, velvet, gold and gems. Ideas of elegance, fashion, and creativity are evident in every piece of evening wear and accessory he creates.

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