I know that in this life I am traditionally honored to describe my cultural symbols through my art. My ideas spawn from a spiritual well that originated my life, my family, my clan, and my religion. There is only one way to express my life and that is through Navajo traditional thought and process.

The powerful reason I create art is that my finger prints have become ageless through enduring generations. My great grandfathers and grandmothers were in a transitional movement as I am now in this society. In my Navajo language there is a word called “linaah,” which describes the path of life. It is a journey that braids several generations into one symbol and thought. I believe this process is powerful and sincere. In this mist of this transition there is no separation of art and life. The Creator has given all of us one breath and one soul. We receive our own symbols through prayers and giving. In return, the Creator encourages us to share our messages through stories in color.

My Navajo name is “NAHATA TITH YIL WOOD.” In English, it is roughly translated “One Who delivers the Message.” I exist in the Creator’s womb where the roof is Father Sky and the floor is Mother Earth. In this life corn pollen, tobacco, and cedar are plentiful. It is also here that my art and life commence daily with all the Holy People and deities.

I am a human being with so much information about my culture that one art medium is not enough to translate my messages. All I know is that our Creator blesses me in a very talented way.

In beauty may you enrich your life and your family. Keep alive your family tradition and make it spiritual. Give to all people you can, with that comes fruitfulness. Thank you.

Tribal Affiliation