Every time I make a pot I just have the feeling it is the first pot I ever made. The challenge is to find a new color of clay at a dig spot. The whole pot comes from the earth; there is no part of it you can buy. The form and design of each pot is in my head as I begin and I just do as my head directs. The excitement of pottery making for me comes in the firing. It’s like opening a gift. The real high is taking the pots out of the firing. It’s always new. The clays are not the same, the mood is not the same. And every piece is different.”

Rachel is part of a famous family of Hopi potters. Her grandmother is Rachel Namingha, her mother is Priscilla Nampeyo, her aunt is Dextra Quotskuyva, and her sisters are Jean Sahmie, Nyla Sahmie, and Bonnie Sahmie. She has won numerous awards including a Best of Show at the Gallup Ceremonial.

Her pottery has the classic look and feel of beautiful old Hopi pieces and reflects the joy and happiness she experiences in making pottery.

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