This quote from Ricardo Caté explains his inspiration for his comics and paintings:

“My inspiration is the people around me. Pueblos are set up where the houses are so close together that we are pretty much close-knit ourselves. I simply study my friends and relatives or I remember funny stories about them and I draw those situations. A lot of my ideas have been floating around in my head since Jr. High and now I finally get a chance to draw them and have others see how I see the 2 worlds around me.”

“I hope that everyone knows that I am simply expressing myself for all the world to see.”

Ricardo Lee Caté has three children: Eddie, Amber, and Nicolette. He is a Marine veteran and former Social Studies teacher and now teaches GED for the Peublo.

He has been drawing the comic “Without Reservations” for the Santa Fe New Mexican Newspaper since October 2007.

Tribal Affiliation

Kewa (Santo Domingo) Pueblo