The Case Trading Post is excited to share with you a new body of work created especially for us by Keri Ataumbi. The work showcases minimal yet sleek forms, with hints of diamonds and 18k gold warming the silver palette. We hope you enjoy her work as much as we do!


Ken Williams

Manager, Case Trading Post


Artist Keri Ataumbi

Kiowa Jewelry Artist Keri Ataumbi



Ken & Keri discussing work.


Ken examines Keri's work.

Ken examines Keri’s work.


Ken & Keri Ataumbi

Ken Williams & Keri Ataumbi


Jewelry Editorial

Photography by Neebin Southall


All work depicted is available for purchase at the online Case Trading Post shop. Click the photographs to see the work in detail, and visit the links below to purchase the work. More jewelry by Keri is available in the physical shop — come on by to see our full selection!


Silver/Diamond Ring by Keri Ataumbi


Silver Wrap Ring by Keri Ataumbi


Silver Wrap Ring by Keri Ataumbi


Silver Bracelet by Keri Ataumbi


Silver Ribbon Earrings by Keri Ataumbi



Sterling Cuff by Keri Ataumbi



Oxidized Silver Bracelet by Keri Ataumbi