As we start the new year, lots of exciting things will happen in 2015 here at the Wheelwright Museum. We are all anticipating the opening of our new jewelry wing in June – keep a watch for more information! My January pick, wrapping up this month, highlights the work of a jeweler we have been fortunate to carry for many years, Marie Yazzie. You may have heard that the Yazzie family has been featured in a family exhibition called Glittering World, Navajo Jewelry of the Yazzie Family at the NMAI-Smithsonian in New York City. The opening was this past November, and it was a major event. This month, I’d like to focus on the handmade beads of Marie. Her flawless beads have captured the eye of many over the years. I’m happy to present not only a variety of beads, but also her link bracelets, a squash blossom pendant, and squash blossom earrings. Note the “Opera” length set of beads that reach 60” long. It can be worn wrapped up to 3 times, or looks stunning worn long! Enjoy this work of Marie, as the quality is that of her talented brothers Lee and Raymond…. impeccable! Happy 2015!

Ken Williams
Manager, Case Trading Post



Ken Williams, Case Trading Post Manager, with a selection of Marie Yazzie’s work.



The Yazzie family was recently featured in a book and exhibition, Glittering World, Navajo Jewelry of the Yazzie Family.




Ken points out Marie Yazzie pictured with her sisters.



Marie Yazzie’s beads are often beautifully detailed with a lovely “daisy” stamp.



A small handful of Marie Yazzie’s handmade beads.



This necklace design, with 7/16″ beads, is available in two lengths.



Available at the Case:

         marie_yazzie_opera_necklace_1_s“Opera” Length Necklace by Marie Yazzie marie_yazzie_squashblossom_pendant_1_sStamped Squash Blossom Pendant by Marie Yazzie
marie_yazzie_stamped_necklace_largebeads_1_sStamped Necklace by Marie Yazzie (multiple lengths available – large beads) marie_yazzie_stamped_necklace_smallbeads_3_sStamped Necklace by Marie Yazzie (multiple lengths available – small beads)
marie_yazzie_squashblossom_earrings_1_sSquash Blossom Earrings by Marie Yazzie marie_yazzie_silver_stamped_bracelet_1_sStamped Silver Bracelet by Marie Yazzie
marie_yazzie_silver_coral_stamped_bracelet_1_sStamped Silver Bracelet with Coral by Marie Yazzie marie_yazzie_silver_turq_stamped_bracelet_1_sStamped Silver Bracelet with Turquoise by Marie Yazzie