Ken with a storyteller by Buffy Cordero Suina.



For the month of June, I’ve selected an exquisite group of pottery from new arrivals at the Case Trading Post. Including the work of contemporary and traditional masters, this is a great group to showcase. First off, we received a small collection of older storytellers, which includes one storyteller by famed Cochiti potter Helen Cordero and two by her granddaughter Buffy Cordero. Buffy’s work is hard to find and these two are choice pieces! Next we have wonderful contemporary pieces by Les Namingha (Zuni/Hopi). I’m always excited when Les chooses to work in the contemporary fashion. The “Acoma Noveau” Jar is exceptional with such precision and wonderful colors! We also have some fantastic pottery coming from Santa Clara Pueblo. Master potter Nathan Youngblood has created a group of what I call “Small Gems.” These miniatures are not to be missed. They represent some of the smallest scale pieces he has done to date — he said the small black box is his smallest container ever made! Don’t miss this great opportunity for a small piece by Nathan, created especially for us here at the Case. The work is flawless! Last but not least, we are always happy when Jennifer and Mike Moquino bring us their pottery. This time the pots were made by Jennifer’s mom, Emily Tafoya (a respected potter in her own right) and Jennifer then etched and painted them, a great collaboration for sure. Mike has been on the set of Longmire, so if you know him, you may see him in background scenes. We are excited about this fantastic group of pottery and hope you will be too. Happy Summer travels and stop by and say hello if you’re in the neighborhood!

Ken Williams
Manager, Case Trading Post


Ken & Nathan Youngblood discussing Nathan's work.

Ken & Nathan Youngblood discussing Nathan’s work.


Examining the nuances of Nathan’s work.


Minuature work by Nathan Youngblood

Miniature work by Nathan Youngblood


Ken with this month's selections.

Ken with a variety of pottery pieces from this month’s selections.


A very unique piece by Les Namingha, "Acoma Nouveua"

A very unique piece by Les Namingha, entitled “Acoma Nouveau”


Collaboration seed pots by Emily Tafoya and Jennifer Moquino

Collaboration seed pots by Emily Tafoya and Jennifer Moquino


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Storyteller by Helen Cordero


Storyteller by Buffy Cordero Suina

 smallstoryteller_6children_buffy_1Small Storyteller by Buffy Cordero Suina


Bird Seed Pot by Emily Tafoya and Jennifer Moquino

wolf_deer_seed_pot_1Wolf & Deer Seed Pot by Emily Tafoya and Jennifer Moquino


Trout Seed Pot by Emily Tafoya and Jennifer Moquino


“Salado Contemporary” by Les Namingha


 “Acoma Nouveau” by Les Namingha


Tricolor Water Jar by Nathan Youngblood


Tri-color Round Container by Nathan Youngblood

mini_black_box_3Miniature Blackware Box by Nathan Youngblood black_teardrop_plate_1Black Carved Tear Drop Shaped Plate by Nathan Youngblood