This exhibition explored the work of 47 native artists from the United States and Canada for whom self-portraiture is a primary means of self-expression.

Guest curators Zena Pearlstone and Allan J. Ryan selected works that illustrate the ways in which native representations of personal identity have changed in recent years. In Pearlstone’s words, “For native artists there has been a sense of empowerment over the last 35–40 years. They have found the power to speak back, to expose the pains of the past, to criticize the dominant culture, to laugh at cultural collisions. . . What distinguishes Native American self-portraits from those of the dominant culture is that these speak to identity through the negotiation of cultural conflict.”

Works by the following artists are included in the show catalog: Joe Feddersen, Nisha Supahan, David Bradley, Shan Goshorn, Okpik Pitseolak, Jolene Rickard, Arthur Shilling, Neil David, Sr., Brian Honyouti, Roxanne Swentzell, Kathleen Carlo, Mattiusi Iyaituk, Joe David, Jesse Cooday, Frederick McDonald, David Neel, David Ruben Piqtoukun, Rick Bartow, Robert Davidson, Rebecca Belmore, Carl Beam, Napachie Pootoogook, Oviloo Tunnillie, G. Peter Jemison, Harry Fonseca, Bill Powless, Ukjese van Kampen, Pierre Sioui, Allen Sapp, Norval Morrisseau, Joane Cardinal-Schubert, Rosemary Lonewolf, Ron Senungetuk, Melanie Yazzie, Kay WalkingStick, George Littlechild, Viviane Gray, Susan Stewart Medicine Horse, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Rosalie Favell, Jeffrey Thomas, Carm Little Turtle, Ernie Pepion, Lucita Woodis, R. Gary Miller, Robert Markle, Riel Benn, and Neil David, Sr.

Harry Fonseca. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Coyote, 1994. Acrylic on canvas; height 40 inches. Collection of the artist.
Joe David. Just Be Yourself, ca. 2000. Wood, paint, horsehair, antler, and cotton cord; height of mask 11 inches. Private collection
Susan Stewart Medicine Horse. Self-Portrait of the Artist Posing as an Object of Curiosity, 1994. Mixed media; height 51 inches. Collection of the artist.
Mattiusi Iyaituk. Self-portrait: Mattiusi Trying a String Game, 1998. Serpentine, caribou antler, sinew, and rabbit fur; width 21.5 inches. Collection of Mary Schulz and Eric Petrie.
Brian Honyouti. Self-Portrait or Cross-legged Clown, ca. 2000. Cottonwood root and paint; height 7 inches. Collection of Steve and Gloria Cowgill.