From Converse to Native Canvas
Case Trading Post Lobby (Lower Level)
February 2020 – TBA

When it comes to Native Americans decorating sneakers, most people think of Teri Greeves (Kiowa) and her beaded Converse, or Charlene Holy Bear (Standing Rock Lakota Sioux) for beaded Vans. However, mass-produced sneakers (especially Converse) have been a medium for Native American artists for well over half a century. The three pairs currently on display in the Case Trading Post lobby, demonstrate the longevity and diversity in turning an everyday item such as commercial footwear into a personal treasure and work of art.

Photo (right):

Unknown Artist
Untitled, ca. 1960s
Paint on Converse (canvas, rubber, and metal)
Wheelwright Museum Collection


El Palacio: Treading through Research (4/10/2020) by C.L. Kieffer