Press release from October 25, 1988:

On Sunday, November 6, 1988 from 1 to 5 pm, the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian opens its winter exhibit, “Frank LaPena, The World is a Gift”… a twenty year retrospective by California Wintu artist and traditionalist, Frank LaPena. This exciting exhibit will include oil and acrylic paintings, wood sculpture, wood block engravings, jewelry, and monoprints.

“Frank LaPena is a teacher in the fullest sense of the word, connecting cultural worlds, the past and the future of Indian art, and drawing inspiration in the ancient landscape as well as what is today’s California. His evocative images and words draw us into his worldview and enable us to taste and experience what he knows…”

So writes Bruce Bernstein, Wheelwright Museum Assistant Director, and curator of the LaPena one-man-show. Having met LaPena some years ago in California, Bernstein felt the dynamic and versatile art created by LaPena in the past twenty years was a must exhibit for the Wheelwright. Besides his work as an artist, Frank LaPena is currently the Director of Native American Studies and Professor of Art at California State University, Sacramento. According to Bernstein, LaPena’s insight as both an artist and teacher promises for a worthwhile winter exhibit.