A great source of Chessney’s artistic inspiration came from the simple beauty and lifestyle of the Nebraska sandhills where she grew up. Today, the Wyoming landscape and culture she calls home evoke a similar calling to create. “Sometimes I see something and the compulsion to capture it on paper is overwhelming. I might relate the subject to a memory of when I was a child or where I grew up, to what I believe is real or more simply stated, to what is beautiful. It’s almost like beauty is painful and the only way to find resolve is to recreate it. I guess that way I can own it, experience it again on a deep, emotional level and move on.” Although Chessney is considered an emerging artist, she has many awards to her credit. She has taken top honors in printmaking at both the nationally acclaimed Santa Fe Indian Market Show and the Heard Museum Guild Market Show.

Sunfish, 2005. Acrylic. 3" x 3". Collection of the artist
Boys from Powder River, 2005. Intaglio. 3 1/4" x 2 1/2". Collection of the artist
Jose and the Orange, 2005. Intaglio. 2 1/2 " x 3 1/4". Collection of the artist
Modern Day Gatherers, 2000s. Intaglio. 6 " x 9". Collection of the artist