Friends Lecture: Farrell & Reyes Pacheco (Register)

Wheelwright Library 704 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe

Join the Friends for this special lecture with Farrell and Reyes Pacheco! REGISTER (via Zoom)   ABOUT THE ARTISTS This husband-wife team, Farrell Pacheco and Reyes Rosetta Pacheco (Santo Domingo/Kewa) have been collaborating since 2010. Their work unites the legacy of Rey’s uncle, well-known jeweler, Martine Lovato, and Farrell’s grandfather who made heishi jewelry. The ... Read More


Friends Lecture: Deanna Tenorio (Register)

Virtual Event 704 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, NM

Join the Friends and Deanna Tenorio for this special lecture! REGISTER (via Zoom)   ABOUT THE ARTIST One artist featured at the recent Wheelwright Artists Market, Deanna Tenorio (Santo Domingo/Pomo), says “Heishi is the main focus of my life.”  Jewelry-making has been in Deanna’s family for generations.  On her father’s side, Deanna was taught by ... Read More