Zuni Fetish Carvers of the 1970s: A Bridge from Past to Present



Kent and Laurie McManis, 2006
103 pages, 198 color and b/w illustrations

This catalog is a sequel to Zuni Fetish Carvers: The Mid-Century Masters. It features the work of the second generation of carvers at Zuni to make fetishes for a commercial marketartists who paved the way for the tremendous popularity enjoyed by this art form today. As with the first catalog, this book is based on extensive interviews not only of the carvers, but of the traders and dealers who have handled their work. All of the carvers or their descendants shared information and family photos, which make this catalog personal and poignant. Both of the museum’s catalogs on fetishes are essential for any library on Native arts of the Southwest.


Artists included:

Old Man Acque, Harvey Bewanika, Saul Yuselew, Leonard Halate, Patrick and Marvelita Phillips, Alice Homer, Bernard Homer, Jr., Sarah Leekya, Sadie Laahty, Alonzo Hustito, Charles Hustito, Edna Leki, Peter and Dinah Gasper, Rignie and Lena Boone, Bobby Lonasee, Sepo Ponchuella, Rosalia Quam, Andrew Emerson Quam, George Cheechee Haloo, Ellen Quandelacy, Andres Quandelacy, Barlow Quandelacy, Faye Quandelacy, Stewart Quandelacy, Pernell Gasper, Aaron and Thelma Sheche, Mary Tsikewa, Bill Tsikewa, David Tsikewa, Jr., Lavina Kaskalla, Leonard Kaskalla, and Rudy Tsikewa